Apollo Miner

Time Pool

Thanks to the Time Pool mechanism, you will no longer have to worry about being the last player to buy miners.
How it works: 1% from each purchase of miners, as well as 1% from each sale of MineToken is transferred to a Time Pool smart contract. If you bought miners and no one made any purchase within 60 minutes after that, then the entire Time Pool balance will be automatically transferred to your wallet address. It's never been more profitable to be last!!!


The total turnover of purchases and sales is 100,000,000 BUSD, this means that 100,000 BUSD will accumulate on the Time Pool contract balance. If no one bought more miners within one hour of your purchase, then 1,000,000 BUSD will be automatically sent to your wallet address. This will be an exciting race. Check your current contract balance by clicking on the TIME POOL balance.