Apollo Miner


When developing your own mining strategy, you have to take into consideration the commission for buying miners and selling mined tokens, as well as some other features:
  1. 1.
    Tax on miners %
It’s not a profitable strategy to sell MineTokens every day, since each sale reduces the number of your miners by 5%. Use the ReMines feature to earn more.
2. Binance Smart Chain network commission
You should keep in mind that Binance network fees are not constant and may increase when the network is heavily loaded. Your profitability may be reduced by network fees with a minimum investment of 50 BUSD.
3. Inflation
Apollo Miner uses a unique inflationary model for the cost of miners, which depends on the amount of miners in the market and the contract balance, which means that over time miners decrease in value, just like ASICs for bitcoin mining, for example. Thus you need to use the ReMines feature in order to increase the income or keep the farm income within an acceptable range for you.
4. Strategy Game
Players who play to earn with the Apollo project need to follow a certain ReMine strategy to increase their revenue and prevent miners from getting burned.
You can compound from the range of 4days to 16 days depending on the strategy you choose to adopt.