Apollo Miner


What is the price of a MineToken?
MineToken does not have a fixed price. The price depends on the TVL (contract balance). The higher the TVL, the higher the MineToken price, the lower the TVL, the lower the MineToken price. It also depends on the MarketMine value.
What is the daily percentage?
You will earn up to 5% of the miners current value per day, this figure can be changed with using your ReMine strategy.
Why is my daily income dropping?
Your strategy affects your profitability. If you sell MineToken frequently, your rewards will drop. Also you pay tax in each withdrawal from your miners. Use ReMine feature to increase your income.
Can I use ReMine multiple times a day to increase my income?
Yes, it will also increase your profitability, but don't forget that you have to pay a commission to Binance Smart Chain for each transaction. Can I restore the Bust that Miners were purchased with? Apollominer is a blocked bounty pool, so you can't sell miners, you can only sell MineToken that your miners are mining.
Why can't I see my referrals?
This is a decentralized smart contract, we do not store any data about users. Nevertheless, you can see all referral charges on our website, the information is transmitted directly from the smart contract.
What % commission?
The commission is 10% from miner purchases. There is no commission for ReMine. There is also a third-party commission for using the Binance Smart chain network.
Does the number of miners decrease when selling MineToken?
Yes, just like ASICs for Bitcoin, 5% of available Miners are broken every time a MineToken is sold. They cannot be repaired, but you can buy new miners using the ReMine feature. Keep this in mind when developing your own mining strategy.
Can developers make changes to the smart contract?
No, once the contract has been deployed in the Binance Smart Chain network, no one can affect it, delete or change the code. Also our smart contract is reliable, you can read its audit from a third-party company. This is published on the main page of the site.
How can I get 10 BUSD miners as a gift?
Any user can get miners worth 10 Bust as a gift from Apollo Miner. But you can't sell MineToken or use the ReMine feature unless you have a minimum purchase of 50 BUSD worth of miners. This is a protection against abusers, we have to protect our smart contract so that all user are safe.
If I don't have enough minimum amount of purchased miners to receive rewards from line 4 of the ambassadorship program, will I lose referral rewards?
Yes, if your volume of purchased miners is not enough to receive the reward, you will lose. It is recommended to reach the required volume of purchases in time.
A new user has appeared in line 4 of my community, but I have not received a reward, why?
Check that the amount of your purchases matches the table. You do not have to make a one-time purchase of miners, the amount of purchases will also be taken into account.
How much can I earn with the Ambassador Program?
There is no limit to how much you can earn for developing your community, it just depends on your efforts. Tell your friends and subscribers about us and earn even more